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Gardenvale Newsagency – Your Local Classifeds Connect.

WHAT IS is the most comprehensive classsified site in Australia. You can advertise anything and everything right now – for free! Whether you want to advertise an item for sale, item for loan, vehicle, property, business, job, love, birth, death, event, item for loan, swap… has over 100 classified categories so you can sell and advertise on the site cutting the cost of classifieds!

Why was Created

We think advertising costs too much. The goal is to cut the cost of advertising and to provide a free forum for what we call community advertisements and listings. Our aim is to connect people: buyers; sellers; people in need; people with skills and to do this in the most cost effective way possible

We see ads as a conversation. That’s why have built facilities into their website to enable transparent dialogue between advertisers and people interested in their offerings.

We want to help improve the success of advertising. Classified advertising has not evolved in recent years. offers a generational shift with the including of photos, videos, MP3s, a guestbook and consumer ratings with ads if the advertiser chooses – and without incurring any additional charges for these feature services.

We believe that community listings and advertisements ought to be free. There are many instances where we want to share things, ideas and information with each other. These are some of the instances which are entirely free at Gardenvale Newsagency also want to help you find things to do so event listings are free – commercial and non commercial.

findit believes in small business. This is why have committed to partnering with Australia’s newsagents in the launch and on going use of Find It. Newsagents are well connected with the community and through our retail outlets you can place advertisements and pay for advertisements you have submitted online.

We wish there was less wastage in advertising. By creating a lower cost advertising platform hope that many businesses will switch from printed marketing to online. This can but be good for the environment.

Whilst most ads will always be free, you will be able to pay for paid ads at fair prices at Gardenvale Newsagency. We will also be shortly releasing our noticeboard which will provide our local classifieds content from So not only will your ads will be seen on, but our thousands of customers will see them too!